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Fire Fighting Water Storage

Tasman District Council Rural Zone 1 and Rural Zone 2

Tasman District Council 2 August 2014 Rules Section 17.5 page 17/95
Controlled Activities (Building Construction or Alteration)

(d) Only in relation to the construction of a dwelling and not an alteration, and except where any dwelling is connected to a reticulated water supply:
-Incorporating water mains fitted with fire hydrants; and
-The closest fire hydrant is no more than 135 metres from the dwelling,
The dwelling is EITHER
(i)Provided with a water supply that is
-Accessible to fire fighting equipment; and
-Between 6 metres and 90 metres from the dwelling; and
-On the same site as the dwelling (except where the specified volume or flow of water is in a pond, dam, or river that is within the required distances); and

Either -Stores at least 45,000 litres
Or -Provides at least 25 litres per second for 30 minutes;

OR (ii)Provided with a home fire-sprinkler system that is fitted with a reliable year- round water supply;
AND (iii)Connected to a reticulated supply that is capable of supplying a potable water supply, or if such a supply is not available, the dwelling is supplied from:
-A rainwater supply; or
-A surface water source; or
-A groundwater source
That is both reliable and potable and, where stored on site, is at least 23,000 litres in volume.

NOTE 1: Further advice and information about managing fire risk and storage of water for fire fighting, including information about appropriate fittings for connection with fire appliances, can be obtained from the New Zealand Fire Service and the NZ Fire Service Firefighting Water Supplies Code of Practice (SNZ PAS 4509:208).

NOTE 2:Information about the design, installation and maintenance of the sprinkler system can be found in NZS 4517:2010 Fire Sprinkler Systems for Houses.

NOTE 3: Fire risk can be further reduced through appropriate management of flammable vegetation near structures and ensuring fire appliances can locate and reach the dwelling in the event of a fire. Further information about managing fire risks is available from the NZ Fire Service or the Waimea Rural Fire Authority.

You need 45,000 Litres Readily Available Water

The largest water tank manufactured is 30,000L. You will need more than one tank.
You are required to have 45,000 litres OR a source that provide at least 25 litres per second for 30 minutes.
Your water supply cannot be used for daily use unless it can be refilled at all times.

The water tank manufacturers have worked with the NZ Fire Service to provide kits that attach to the tank that can be connected to the fire service equipment.
But be aware these connections are different sizes to those needed by the Rural Fire Service.

Come into the Think Water Tasman Bay store and talk to us about your options. We can supply and install the tanks and connections.

Are Home Fire Sprinklers An Option?

Come in store and discuss your options.
We can arrange with the engineer to work with your house plans and submit them to council.
Our plumber can help you with the information you require for this option.
23,000 Litres is required under the Tasman District Council Rules for a home fire-sprinkler system.

» Enquire here for fire fighting options «

» Enquire here for fire fighting options «

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